Last week, I shared about how to keep productive during this new era of remote work. This week, I’ll go one step further and share some tools that will help enhance your productivity to the fullest.


Pomofocus is a timer app based on the Pomodoro Technique which I mentioned last week. It’s awesome because even though the Pomodoro Technique recommends 4x of 25mins work and 5 mins rest cycles, you can set a custom work/rest time to cater to your own preferences and requirements.

A great quality of life feature which I really enjoy is that when the timer goes…

Love it or hate it, working from home has become the norm for most of us, and will undoubtedly be here to stay for a long time. Like all things in life, telecommuting certainly has its benefits but it also brings with it a baggage of downsides.

I’ve gone the full circle from getting excited when working from home was first announced, loving it because I could take a nap after lunch every day to burning out/messed up sleep schedules and now finally having a good balance to maintain top productivity while having an awesome work-life balance regime.

Here are…

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Self-teaching is a sure-fire way to save some hard-earned money to get a high-paying job as a developer today. If you search on YouTube, there are a myriad of tutorials by people that have made this work who are showing newbies how to achieve the same thing. In fact:

Stack Overflow’s 2019 developer study shows that around 86.8 percent say they learned a language, framework, or tooling without any sort of formal coursework.

HackerRank’s survey also shows 27.4 percent of developers say they’re self-taught. 37.7 percent say they supplemented a formal education with an online course, or otherwise taught themselves.

League of Legends is one of the — if not the — biggest online game in the world. The game has been around for 11 years and is still massively played around the world with no signs of slowing down, especially when backed by a passionate community and a global-scaled professional scene that has engulfed the e-sports world.

Me personally, it has been around my life for quite some time, from my first high school girlfriend to my first breakup, from my first day on my first job to my last day on my first job. …

A year ago, I picked up a book called “Billion Dollar App”, read two chapters, and thought I could start writing apps and make big money with my “killer ideas”.

After weeks of struggling with React Native and Swift tutorials, I finally gave up and realised I knew absolutely nothing about programming, let alone how to develop a mobile app. At that very moment, I made myself a promise that I would stop at nothing to become a software engineer.

This post serves as an inspiration for those who are hard at work, spending extra hours debugging their portfolio app…

First interviews are something every self-taught person will cherish because it was where a glimpse of hope emerged after months of hard work. For me, I got my first interview after six months of grinding.

Here is how my first interview went and some tips in return on how you can prepare for yours. This story, however, is not for you to avoid the mistakes I made. Don’t bother avoiding mistakes, because you will never learn without making mistakes. Embrace them, learn from them and grow from them.


Frankly, I didn’t spend much time preparing for my first interview because…

lone self-taught wolves

Being self taught is a a double-edged sword.On one end, you save tons of money avoiding bootcamps and traditional Computer Science (which I will refer to as CS from now on) degrees, but on the other hand, you would often be doubting your decisions & rerouting your journey. You will face a lot of rejections simply because you lack a piece of paper qualification. It sucks, but it is what it is.

Fortunately this post is to help & motivate those of you who are in this gruesome journey, in hopes that you may find inspiration from my words. …


This is the quintessential intro to a Computer Science (CS) course any (regardless of self-taught status/Bootcamp/CS degree) student can take. I can safely say that without this course, I wouldn’t be where I am today. For those of you who don’t already know (shame on you), this course is by Harvard’s edX organisation, and most importantly it’s free.

It’s taught by Professor David J. Malan. CS50 approaches computer science in a more “noob friendly way” and instead of diving right into intricate and labyrinth syntax, it is segmented into 8 weeks with a final project.

Week 0

CS50 starts off with Scratch…

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